A team wins the World Cup. The team’s attacker has scored two goals and everybody wants to celebrate with him or her. Everyone is asking how it feels to score two goals in such an important and historic match and the attacker describes with passionate excitement how they were taken and the feelings of such a historic victory.

But then, when it’s time for the prize-giving, it isn’t only the attacker being given a gold medal. The midfield players, the defence, the goalkeeper, everybody gets a gold medal. They were also there in the match and fought together for each of those goals, to win, to succeed, to write history. Even without having actually scored the goals, without being interviewed by quite so many journalists, they did it together. They fought, and they won. And they share the prize and the gold medals. Everyone who worked toward that goal got the same prize, a big gold medal, honor and the all the feelings that went along with it.

In our mission work we want everyone who is a part of helping, everyone who is part of supporting to feel deeply part of what is happening. When victories are won on the mission field, when children, men and women step from darkness into light. We want to share those stories and victories with our team, who has prayed and supported us, given financially and wished us well.

Too many people sit on the sidelines. Now is the time to participate. Now is the time to make a difference. We want to encourage you to participate in our vision and work. Welcome. Join us in a fantastic labour that is helping people and making a difference.

Thank you for your support.

Mats, Mari och Gunnar


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